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Mandy, do you have Twitter or Instagram?

Yes! Twitter= @isolatte and Instagram is princess_fuckface (yes I regret my IG username now that I work in an office)

Hi Mandy ! I was wondering what you senior year book quote was? and if you didnt have one what would you make it now?

"Well behaved women rarely make history".

I’d still keep it.

Okay, this may sound kinda weird, but what kinda of bra do you wear? Your boobs look amazing in the Poison Ivy pics and I'm in need of good bra that'll pick up my boobs and keep them there.

For my Poison Ivy costume it was a Victoria’s Secret push-up multiway bra as the base for the top :)

I only wear VS bras, they are my absolute favorite for basic everyday bras and for costume-y push ups- they last a long time because of the quality, they’re super comfy, and they accomodate my tricky to find size, 32D. I also get my bikinis there!

But their push up sports bras freak/bum me the fuck out. Like, w h y.

how does your body look like that?!?!?!??!?!

Thank you- and can I just say- I put on about 10 pounds since college (and since I first cosplayed half naked in public!) which makes a difference on my 5’2 frame, but this is my body at its healthiest and I feel great, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I treat my body better than I ever have. Aside from the natural fact that our bodies change constantly and it’s normal to have body changes in your 20’s (I also went up a cup size at age 23, the body is a mystery and god bless it), I didn’t even realize that in college I was not eating enough, was overworked, exhausted, not hydrating properly, taking too high a dose of a prescribed medication that suppressed my appetite as a side effect, not paying attention to the quality of the food I was eating or thinking about where it came from or how it can affect my mood and energy. I look at my Red Sonja cosplay pics and I truly see someone who was unhealthy and run down, which no one even thought because for some fucked reason lean bodies are automatically correlated with health.

Now I’m about organic food, fresh vegetables, dried fruit, organic meat, proper hydration, very small amount of processed shit (I am a sucker for cereal though…and Ben & Jerry’s froyo). Small portions of these types of foods all throughout the day so I’m never totally starving but never itis-level stuffed, that and living in NYC where I walk about a mile a day and live in a 5-floor walk up keeps me in shape. Though I do want to run regularly because a bit of arduous daily physical exercise does wonders for my mental state. I also absolutely indulge sometimes with drinks and french fries or a good burger. You have to live as well!!

 I encourage everyone to just simply focus on treating their body like the machine that it is, not focusing on the flaws and trying to fix them. You’ll cloud your judgement and never actually recognize your ‘progress’- focus on being healthy, act on it, drop bad habits, and your body WILL improve. You WILL get hotter by being nicer to your body. Fucking trust.

Oh yeah- also gotta thank Mama Caruso for the dope genes- proportion is genetic and on a tiny gal like me, it is E V E R Y T H I N G. 

Mandy! Hi! Omg, first, I looove how spooky ur blog looks, so perfect srsly *-* Second, I wanna thank in the name of all those feminist women who had been at a situation like yours at the convention. I was really mad at the asshole that talked to u like that and so proud that somebody spoke for herself. It just made my day. I'm from Mexico and it is so cool to see that I relate to someone in other part of the planet. Thank you so much and keep cosplaying and being who u are <3 xoxo<3

Hola, and muchas gracias my Mexican compadre! (That’s about as good as my Spanish gets, I’m sorry, yes I am muchas ashamed. Bibliotheca.)

Thank you so much for saying that- all women who know and own their rights and do their part to help other women are my heroes, we are all in this together and it feels so awesome to be able to connect with ladies all over the world who also believe in empowerment and making things a little better for everyone. You keep being who YOU are too! 

fsjdhgfusjdfsjdhfjsdg hi i just wanted to say you make the perfect Poison ivy especially bc she's my favorite villian of all times and like when i saw your photos i just went crazy cause you're honestly like beautiful and wowowowwoowow

Thank you very much!! I love her too! I see parts of myself in all of the Gotham vixens, I’d love to eventually cosplay them all and get better as I go, as far as their poses and getting into character for pictures :)

Thank you. For everything. For every 'axe' I've thrown at you, I've grown wiser.

Fuck that’s awesome to hear.

Since it's getting cold again, will you be restocking the Fashion Zombie crust punk patch sweatshirt?

yaaassss, check back tomorrow my chilly chum.

How do you get over your ex dating a new person? My first (and only at this point) boyfriend is starting to see a new girl, and while we broke up months ago and I'm honest enough with myself to know that I have no desire whatsoever to get back together with him, it still sucks? What the hell.

I understand. I guess I’ve never been in that position of feeling terrible when my ex dates someone new because I haven’t had any terrible breakups or been the one who was “dumped”.

(But that’s not to say it doesn’t majorly suck to be the dumper- it hurts so bad to hurt someone else, especially someone who you loved and who loved you and was there for you through so much. You have to assume responsibility of being hated by that person you care about for a while, maybe forever, and you have to accept that their friends will probably dislike you now too. It’s very hard to be the one breaking up the relationship, I think breakups are going to be hard and sad for both parties in different ways with different emotions taking hold.)

But that tinge of jealousy is absolutely, completely NORMAL. It sucks, it’s weird, but I’m pretty sure everyone has issues with seeing their ex move on to another person, it’s natural. I would suggest though that you don’t do things that will trigger your anger or self pity or whatever- don’t stalk him on social media! Don’t ask about him to anyone who might know what’s going on with him and his new gal. It’s no longer your business and as long as you are still a little sensitive about it (you can absolutely not want to be with that person but STILL be sensitive about seeing them fully move on! I get that!) you just shouldn’t waste your time with it. Unfriend him or make sure you’re not ‘following’ him on facebook (I think you automatically follow family and people you’re in a relationship with or people you’ve often interacted with on the site…algorithms or some witchcraft type of shit)

Also, stop waxing on about the past. It’s a lovely habit that artists and dreamers have, to romanticize the past no matter how beautiful or ugly its moments were. But it is not a good habit when you are talking about relationships that have ended. It’s always better to look forward in life, I’ve found. Focus on yourself, don’t enable yourself.