Have you ever been to LA (or California in general)? If so, what did you think?

I just started going to LA last month because the dude I’m dating conveniently lives there (jesus take the wheel, long distance suxxx) but I actually really love it there! The weather is almost always perfect, people are actually super chill contrary to my previous prejudice that everyone there was horrible and alienating, and there are wonderful places to see there (art galleries and shops are almost on NYC’s level!) 

The only thing that is really crappy is the driving and the traffic. I don’t drive, I grew up in NYC (wooooo public transit) so if I ever moved out there I’d have to get my license and a car, and that’s just shit I don’t see happening for at least another year. But I totally wouldn’t be opposed to living there one day. I love that you have a city aspect but just a minute away you’re in the suburbs, it’s so cozy and convenient and beautiful.

So yeah, LA you’re O-KAY.

Hey gurl! Could i ask where you got your wig for black cat? I'm looking for one, but all I can find is wigs with the bangs, and I've never liked those as much.

I hate bangs on wigs too! I actually bought that in a wig shop in NYC’s hair district, most wig/ beauty supply shops will have their wigs in every color, white being pretty standard actually.

should i delete my ex boyfriend from facebook? he just broke up on the phone with me saying i smell like fish and to never hit him up again. what do i do? this is urgent so plz reply fast because i dont think i want to be deleted by him first. and i dont see a reason of leaving him there because he obviously doesn't want me in his life anymore. :(

You smell like fish? Tell him that you don’t give a fuck and fish is delicious and he’s just mad because you’re part mermaid and he’s not. Tell him you’re gonna find a sexy bearded merman with a penis pocket and nevermind I’m getting ahead of myself DON’T do that, but do the first part.

Delete him and then close your computer and go for a walk listening to music or call up someone you like and talk about it or talk about other stuff. You don’t need to be facebook friends, it’s okay if you’re having a tough time with something so seemingly simple, it’s like pulling off a bandaid. Hurts for a second then who gives a rat’s ass cheek.

Mandy I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months two days ago & now I can't eat, sleep or do anything with a peace of mind. I truly miss him. Thought I was too mature for him b/c based solely on the last time we've met up, he took me to a luxurious hotel & wanted to get it in. When I refused just a tad, he got worked up & started putting his clothes back on & got ready to leave. It's only been half an hour. I left too & then he apologized later that night & I said deuces and he said okay take care

It’s normal to be shaken up, confused, and distracted after a breakup. But I always say this: if you did it, you made the decision after a LOT of thought I’m sure, a lot of weighing the pros and cons and considering for a while. You don’t break up with someone because of just one thing, you work through shit usually but to make the choice to break up you have to have had things weighing on your mind, uncertainties, just things that made you feel that it is best to, despite the good times, be apart. He sounds kind of like a dick too, you’ll move on.

"I don’t think much of models who are party animals. They’re as common as politicians who are bullshitters." HAHA omg


I believe I said that about Cara Delevigne, but it was pretty flippant and judgey. It’s not to say I don’t love models! I have many great girlfriends who are professional models that are deep and artistic and fun! But most of them ARE party animals, it’s not bad or good it’s just how it is. You go to a lot of events, you’re paid to be there, people offer you stuff to get the party going… it’s understandable. It’s just not my lifestyle.

Your chainmail bikini design was awesome! I hope to swing by NYCC this year... any advice for the novice cosplayer in terms of obvious pitfalls to avoid?

Thanks! Well for what it’s worth, that was my first cosplay ever! Given I was in my 4th year at Parsons for fashion design, but cosplay is just something that creative people are good at regardless of their tactile costuming experience because it’s really just problem solving and experimentation, there are no rules! Some things you can make and some things you should buy if you are not yet skilled enough to make it yourself (i.e. weapons, belts, gloves, footwear) but the good thing is cosplay is often buying simple templates and just customizing them, so it’s really not that intimidating and the more excited you are by it the better it will look! Give yourself plenty of time and just have fun, that’s why we do it :)

What would you get a tattoo of if you were seriously considering it?

Jack’s bat bowtie, taken from a concept drawing by Tim Burton for Nightmare

have you ever suffered from depression? how long did it take to get over it? do you know others who have suffered from depression and gotten better?

Oh boy I have such a busy night and early morning but I really don’t want to ignore this one:

I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was 15 and it wasn’t until I was about 22-23 that I felt like I had officially overcome it and that it wasn’t my hard wiring and it wasn’t my faulty chemistry that I was helpless to (but I do believe that for a few years I truly did have chemical imbalances, you do not fully develop until your mid twenties so I believe I struggled with it chemically and hormonally as well as emotionally). I was very lucky in that I never got to a point where I wanted to end my life, I always wanted to live, but I was just stuck in a seemingly endless loop of disappointment, discouragement, alienation and obsession. I began to become okay with it, and then comforted by it, and that’s where it grows another head and another mouth and another voice that tells you to stay sad, stay self hating, stay sick. That is what depression is, it’s a monster with all these heads that lives in yours that tells you things that make you very unhappy, to a point that you stop going after happiness because it all seems like a fantasy that you’ve pulled the curtain off and exposed to be a fallacy. But it’s not, and that is what OVERCOMING depression looks like. It’s like zooming out and seeing yourself in a television pulling the curtain and exposing happiness as a fallacy but you realize that wasn’t reality, that was something you were just stuck watching and it WASN’T what your life really was. It’s a fucking trip, in all senses of the word. It’s crazy, it’s a journey, it’s a lot of stumbling, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding, it’s beautiful.

I know other people who have overcome depression, I know people who have overcome depression AND eating disorders (raises hand), drug addiction, alcoholism and self abuse. There is no one pill or therapy technique or group that you go to that works for everyone, that is why it is a journey: what actually makes you overcome it isn’t the one magical “thing”, but the process of searching for that thing, finding that thing, finding out how to use that thing, and then actually getting better and reclaiming control of your life and your motivation, self esteem, confidence and power. 

If you think you are suffering from depression, the first thing to do is get diagnosed by a doctor. It is very easy to do, whether you have insurance or not. Use Zocdoc.com or go to your usual doctor and discuss it. From then you will see just how many options there are for you to start your journey to getting better, and let me tell you: I cannot even convey in words how thankful you will be that you got help. Get in a community where you have supporters and people to encourage you. It’s so hard to do alone, I was lucky that, being that I didn’t really have any friends or confidants during my depression, my parents pushed me to therapy and doctors because depression can do a number on your own ability to get help. But you CAN. I am not the sad girl I was, I am a fucking powerhouse now, but you would have never guessed it if you met me when I was depressed. No one would have. I know you can do it. I’m here for you always.

Hi Mandy, what lip products are you wearing for your purple lips? it looks like MAC Nightmoth lipliner & Heroine lipstick, but I'm trying to look for cheaper dupes :) thanks!

It’s pretty reasonable actually! I use Sephora $5 lip pencil (my favorite by far) in Royal Rose as an all over base then apply a purple eye cream pencil by Nyx cosmetics (I think it’s around $7) on top, then seal with a tiny bit of vaseline and go over with more lip liner :)

Will you be making any "What an excellent day for an exorcism." tanks/shirts? I'd buy one in seconds. I think I remember you posting a picture of one a while ago...

Hey! That never was made into an actual shirt but I am focused on new designs this month and could put one of those up to see how it does. Check back soon!